Grow Your Own Avocado Plant At Home

Nurture your own avocado orchard at home by learning how to cultivate it from the seed.

Nothing gives you more profound harmony than seeing a seed that you nurtured grow into a healthy plant. Especially something rare and enriched with nutrition- like an avocado plant! The tasteful fruit is a great companion on sunny days. Many a time, you must have wondered how it would feel like to reap avocados from your own little garden. Here are all the steps you need to know to cultivate your own small avocado orchard at home!

  1. Cleat The Pit-

For growing a plant from a seed, you need to make sure the pit is clean but not cut or broken in any way. Wash it gently by first soaking it in a tub of water and then rubbing the fruit out of it while keeping the seed coat intact.

  1. Locate The Root And Shoot End-

Looking at an avocado pit, you might feel it’s a perfect sphere or oval, but like all seeds, it has a bottom node for roots and top node for the shoot to sprout up. To get your seedling to sprout, you need to locate the head and foot end. The slightly pointier end will be for the shoot, and the flat end will be for roots.

  1. Piercing And Placing The Seed-

Once you have located the root and shoot end, you need to submerge the root end in water. You will need the help of four toothpicks to do that. Gently scaffold the pit on a glass of water with the four picks spread in four directions. While piercing, put them in an angle to let a larger part be submerged in water. Once you set in precisely, keep it undisturbed near the window with ample sunlight. Make sure you renew the water once in five days to stop any unwanted bacterial growth in the pit.

  1. Watch For The Sprout-

In about eight weeks these are the changes that your soaked pit will endure-

  • A crack will form on the top end, and the seed coat will wear off.
  • The trial will keep growing till the bottom end, and a taproot will emerge out.
  • As the taproot grows, it will branch out, and a small sprout will peep from the tip.

(You need to be careful to keep the root submerged in water always.)

  1. When To Plant In The Soil-

When the stem reaches about 7 inches in height, crop it in 3 inches. It will make growth faster. Place the sapling on the earth and expose it to the sun. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater the plant. If you want a busy plant, pluck out the top leaves after it reaches a height of 12 inches. Wait patiently for about 5-10 years and enjoy your homegrown fruits!

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