Growth and Opportunities for NGO Professionals

A degree in social work assures multitude of prospective and thriving career options beyond the confinements of NGOs

Social work from eminent institutions prepares professionals to participate actively for the eradication of poverty, abuse and unemployment; empowerment of disabled people, attainment of justice and equality, making a better world for those with mental illness and addiction besides eliminating other social maladies.

The affordability of this course coupled with the growing demand for skilled professionals has compelled institutions to design new programmes and upskilling opportunities.

If you are pursuing or keen on studying Social Work, here are the trending job opportunities that also reward well:

Therapists and Counsellors for Communities, Institutions and Individuals  

The scope of social work is never confined to NGOs and expands beyond to include prominent positions in administrative, policy planning and management departments across private and government organisations. As far as therapists are concerned, the candidate must possess social and communication skills with an in-depth understanding of psychology.

The appointed professional would be employed for helping clients deal with physical, emotional, mental health and behavioural anomalies. Organisations engaging in child and family social work, educational institutes and healthcare sectors are in dire need of therapists who are willing to become intimate with individuals’ personal lives and offer them a better reality.

Community Outreach Worker and an Ally

An outreach worker heads community events and relief programmes to facilitate resources and readying a pipeline of participants for particular programmes of the concerned organisation they are working for. Candidates with an associate’s degree in sociality and/or psychology are qualified for the position.

The professional should possess extensive knowledge of community resources besides being familiar with different interview techniques, local agencies and suitable communication styles. Outreach job requires a strong hold on monitoring skills, versatile learning strategies, complex problem-solving techniques, social perceptiveness and teaching and management prowess.

Medical Social Worker and an Aid

In public health, palliative care, geriatric care and mental health care, the contribution of a medical social worker is indispensable. Day-to-day responsibilities include providing advice and coping mechanisms to patients, working with doctors for planning discharge of patients, charting protocols and involving members in social work and supervising the easy transition of patients from medical care to community service. Professionals are expected to partake in medico-social research. Experience and knowledge gained from this always pave for upward mobility in career.

Internships and acquisition of relevant certificates that vow for skills and knowledge are a necessity to flourish in these domains.

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