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Guests? Here are genius tips for cleaning your house in a jiffy.

There are lots of occasions when a guest calls and decided to visit in a couple of hours. Most of the time your house is not in a shape to welcome guests; you can follow these tips to clean and organize your house in a jiffy and make an impression. Read on to know more.

Prioritize and start cleaning

When pressed with time, you must not aim to make the whole house look tidy and focus on areas where you foresee guests visiting. This may include the living and dining area and washroom. This will help you in saving time and focusing all your energies on some areas of interest.

 Follow an organized system

First tidy the room you are focusing on which may include putting the stuff like magazines, cushions, etc. in place. Then start with dusting using a wet cloth from the top to bottom. You don’t want to clean the lower reached first and let the dirt fall on it when you try to later clean the upper areas of the room.

Clean the areas that are most visible

Mirrors, glass tables, and floor tiles are the most visible areas and are the ones that catch the most dirt. You may use a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth to thoroughly wipe the glasses, tables, sofa sides, and floor and let it dry before using it.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth and set the times

You don’t want to overspend time on one room and leave the other area messed up as you ran out of time. Plan each area and set a timer so that you cover all the areas to clean. Further, use a microfiber cleaning cloth as it most effectively cleans without leaving any trail of dirt left.

Involve the whole family

Lastly, more the hands you have for the last-minute rush, the better it is. If you have grown-up children, ask them to help you with dusting and vacuuming. If you move with one room at a time and assign each one a specific role, you will end up cleaning faster and much more effectively.

Use the lighting efficiently

You do want to open all the curtains and use the brightest light setting to highlight whatever you couldn’t cover during the last-minute cleaning mission. Alternatively, you may smartly leave the curtains on and set a low lighting environment to set a cozy environment for everyone’s benefit.

Do use these tips the next time you are welcoming a guest at the last minute.

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