Guide to essential oils for beginners: How to use them in your daily routine

Prevalent in both the beauty and wellness spaces, essential oils are here to stay.

Essential oils are made from age-old plant extracts and are used in both the beauty and wellness spaces. And why not? Their benefits are immense, and if you're a beginner, here’s your ultimate guide to incorporate them into your daily routine:

But first, what are essential oils?

Essential oils are made with highly concentrated, volatile plant extracts, which are obtained via several extraction methods, like steam distillation, and others. While you must be aware of the more famous ones like rose oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil, there are actually thousands of essential oils out there. They are used for health and lifestyle benefits, apart from their usage in the beauty industry. Evidence proves that aromatic oils were used before 4500 B.C when ancient Egyptians, known for their knowledge about cosmetics and fragrant ointments, made their herbal preparation called "Kyphi," a blend of 16 ingredients.

How are essential oils used?

Rightly, essential oils can be diffused for inhalation, can be applied topically, and can also be used for cleaning. In case of internal or emotional concern, ideally, you should inhale your essential oil. For toning or brightening your skin, you can use tea tree, rose, rosehip, sandalwood, chamomile, and lavender oils by diffusing it with carrier oils like almond oil etc.

Here are different types of oil and their usage:

For stress and anxiety: Use lavender, cedar wood, lemon, and orange

For skin: Lavender, carrot seed, rose, rose hip, frankincense, geranium, tea tree, and patchouli

For cleaning: Cinnamon, pine, and lemon

For immune-boosting: Lemon, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, thyme, orange, and cinnamon.

Myth surrounding essential oils

As we all know, aromatherapy is not a proven science. And the same is the case with essential oils. It’s not one size fits when it comes to blending essential oils for different purposes. While some may believe that essential oils are inherently safe due to their natural properties, let us tell you that they should be used with complete caution and care. Make sure to check the oils before applying on the skin as they can lead to skin reactions, burns or allergies due to their photo-toxicity. Always concern an experienced essential oil user, if you are a beginner and ensure your oil comes from a reliable source.