Guinness Book and its weird records.

We are all aware of Guinness Book and how they strive to encourage, share and find the incredible among the ordinary. They aim to inform, entertain and break the boundaries. But when looking into the records, you will also find some amusing records that have been listed in the book.

Let us learn more about some of them.

Ozzie Malikfrom the UK listed his name in the book of world records by crushing the maximum number of cookies with the shoulder blade in a minute. This record was set on the 24th of March 2010 and to break his record, you need to break more than 20 cookies in one minute using your shoulder blades.

Nataraj Karatefrom India stuffed 650 plastic straws in his mouth (hands-off) to create a new record after beating Manoj Kumar’s record of stuffing 459 drinking straw. His record stood unbeaten until 25th August 2018.

Ted Hastingsof Canada set an example of hard work and commitment in front of his children by wearing 260 T-shirts at once. He was successful in breaking the existing record of 257 T-shirts worn at once, on 17th February 2019.

The Huy Giangfrom Germany became the first to set a world record of the maximum number of rotations hanging from a power drill on 23rd December 2008. He completed 148 rounds in one minute.

Edward Hannafordon 12th April 2016 entered his name in the Guinness book of the world record by completing the long French knitting. This was 31.42 Km or 19 miles and 929 yds. However, there is another record of 47.03 km long French knitting that was set by a team in Laval.

Jill Drake is from London. She has created the world record after screaming at 129 decibels in October 2000. This was recorded at a Halloween Festival and the whole city felt a shiver in their ears.

Zheng Xiangchenfrom China owns 1562 valid credit cards. He has been collecting credit cards for 6 years and stopped when on 30th July 2019 his name was registered in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Seven Wade a nine-year-old kid from the USA made a new world record by clapping hands 1080 time in one minute.

Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso from New York sets foot in the list of world records after watching television for 94 hours straight. This long TV-watching marathon was conducted with certain rules which restricted closing of eyes or taking long breaks. During the marathon, he watched his favourite movies, cartoons and TV shows which helped him create the record.

Gareth Sanders broke the world record of the longest iron marathon by ironing clothes for 100 hours straight. He belongs to the state of the USA and becomes the third person to take up the challenge.

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