Habits That Are Making You Unproductive

You may not be aware these habits are making you unproductive.

Mindless habits that are causing you to get distracted at work could make you lose focus. Researchers discovered people who are interrupted by phone calls and emails at work need at least 23 minutes to get back on a task. While there are many causes for these distractions, they can also come from mindless habits that are hindering your productivity. Identifying the bad habit is the first step to breaking it. Here are some mindless habits that could be preventing you from reaching your full potential at work.

You switch to a task that won’t take too long

Ever find yourself working on a task and then all of a sudden switching to an unrelated task? This task, like making a grocery list, may not take up much of your time but it can cause a disruption in your work flow. Juggling multiple things at work and home stuff can be an energy-draining problem. Try and work at distraction-free intervals to combat this issue. For example, focus on one activity for at least 90 minutes before you take a break and switch to something else.

You constantly look at your phone to see if there are messages

This is something most of us are guilty of. You have your phone beside you while you work all the time. If there is a lull in work or have a few seconds while a webpage loads, you turn to your phone and go down a rabbit hole and go through messages, apps and social media. You can lose a good 10 minutes or more deciding to check your phone when you didn’t need to. Instead of randomly checking your phone, dedicate a specific time in your day to scroll through social media.

You open way too many tabs on your browser

If you have a habit of opening too many tabs on your browser, it can take away a lot of your focus from a task. Each tab takes your attention away from what you need to pay attention to. This may not only cause you to be distracted, but it could also make you feel stressed. Once you realise how this habit is affecting your productivity levels you can take steps to address it. Realising these habits won’t automatically make you stop these habits. However, you can work on changing them.

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