Hacks to curb tea cravings

While one might take time to adjust to these alternatives, but they will help

For Indians, if there one drink that they can never let go of, its tea. A cup of chai for any Indian, and now with the growing interest worldwide, is a go-to thing in the morning without which the day is incomplete. Be it a regular day at home or at work or while traveling, tea makes any day better with its existence.

But what actually, make tea delicious are its super simple components, milk, tea leaves, sugar, and spices. While these ingredients have their set of health benefits, these may also be a cause of stomach related ailments related to gastric, acidity, and other related issues. So while we would want tea at all times of the day, it can cause problems. Hence one need to find alternatives to the usual tea that is healthy and satisfying as well.

Hot water
Every time when you have the strong urge for a cup of tea, go and get yourself a hot cup of water instead and sip on it like tea. You don’t necessarily have to bring hot boiling water to replicate the feel, but lukewarm water, to which you can also add cinnamon for added flavours. Here, sipping on warm water mixed with cinnamon has the benefits of keeping the body hydrated and taking the nutrients from cinnamon.

Ginger Tea
So next time to curb the urge to milk tea with sugar, drink ginger water. To about two cups of water add ginger and boil it till it reduces a bit and the water has changed colour. Drinking ginger tea or water early in the morning removes nausea, relieve unpleasantness as ginger has soothing warmth that helps settle a perturbed stomach.

Chamomile tea
This tea has a flowery taste to it besides being helpful to the body. So while you might find some leaves of it or a tea bag, all you have to do is put it in boiling water and sip on it. Chamomile tea eases and regularizes sleep patterns. This tea helps the body relax and adjust to the atmosphere. It has just the right amount of caffeine to help you remain awake and alert.

Brew less
Well, if you wish you can sip on your regular milk tea with spices and sugar too, but one has to pay attention to the fact that one needs to brew the tea leaves comparatively less than the usual boiling. By brewing the tea for a shorter amount of time helps reduce the amount of caffeine in it thus being easy on the stomach.

There can me many effective ways however, you can also try to make the cup size shorter replacing your usual taller mug of tea.

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