Hail the Queen: Four things that make Sushmita Sen, an iconic woman

The women who taught the world about the essence of being a woman at the mere age of 18, who is living her life at her own terms, Sushmita Sen, a role model for the new age woman.

Sushmita Sen has defied the ordinary and normal at every step of her life. She has carved her niche at her terms. Success, failures, heart-breaks she encountered all with her grace and panache. Girls, here are some of the life lesson we can learn from the queen herself, things that make Sushmita Sen, an icon.

  1. She won Miss India, despite all odds

It is said when she competed for Miss India, Aishwarya Rai was already considered a hot favourite of public and judges alike. So much so that many contestants withdrew their applications from the contest. But that didn’t stop her from competing and winning in a dress from a thrift market, stitched by a local tailor. She proved loud and clear that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

  1. 2. Clinching Miss universe title, even after studying in a Hindi medium school

There is no stopping this 18-year-old at the coveted Miss Universe Contest. She spoke with such poise and confidence on the international stage that everyone was bowled over. But do you know that Sushmita has studied in Hindi medium school and started learning the language at 16? Perseverance and hard work never fail!

  1. 3. Adopting a girl child at 25

In the age, when girls are going on dates and contemplating about the future, Sushmita Sen decided to adopt and be a single mother to Renee. She fought a long legal battle to adopt as she was quite “young”. She not only raised Renee perfectly but adopted her second child Alisah. She is raising two strong individuals without a man, amazingly.

  1. Setting her own rules about life

She always believed to not abide by the conventions of society like the right age to marry, the right age to have kids or the right age to retire. She says that she wants her life at her clock. Instead of a man to gift her a huge rock, Sushmita Sen bought a massive solitaire ring for herself. That’s the role model we want for the young girls. Don’t wait for Prince Charming to save you, instead work hard and save yourself.

This diva has taught us time and again what it is like being ourselves. And as she says “Carve your way, choose not to drift along”.

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