Hairdos That Suit your Personality as Per your Zodiac Sign

If you trust the traits of your zodiac sign, here are some hairstyles that will complement your personality.

Being touchy about your long stresses is nothing weird. Every woman thinks twice before going for a haircut that is not just trimming the split ends. Often when you want to bring some healthy changes in your life, outlook and the way you behave with your surroundings, you can start by changing your hairdo. We become comfortable with the same look and often stick to the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But a new hairstyle will help you flush out all the negativity and start anew. So if you trust the traits of your zodiac sign, here are some hairstyles that will complement your personality.


Aries flaunts a bold personality. Go for a super sleek ponytail. The look is strong and chic and easy to achieve.


You are known to be fun and youthful. A short and sleek bob haircut is written in the stars for you. Pop a weft or two in for instant volume.


Relaxed, lightly tousled airy waves are fitting for your year ahead. You can also throw your hair up in a messy bun.


Your newfound self-esteem may inspire a drastic yet oh-so-chic change with a Parisian flare. Go for a textured bob or bangs or even both!


Leos are comfortable in their skin and the limelight. Choose a polished hairstyle, like perfect spiral curls or inverted bob.


Libra girls, you’re a free and gentle spirit. You may pull the sides back, but there’s always some hair down around your shoulders.


You’re one to embrace your natural hair texture whether it’s straight, curly or slightly wavy.


Because of your very analytical nature, you’re likely to go for styles that keep our hair out of our face. Think French twists, top knots.


You’re focused on your goals and you don’t want your hair to get in your way while you’re working toward them. You’re likely to tie your hair to a top knot to keep your hair up, up and away.


The Capricorn girl is steady and dependable. It should come as no surprise that you can usually be found wearing a ponytail.


It is the other zodiac sign that doesn’t want hair accessories to mess with their ‘do. You’re a total hair down kind of girl.


You’re likely to choose a loose flowy braid or something equally creative, such as a carefully constructed half-bun.

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