Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

Your hairstyle guide to latest trends in the fashion world which will also trim off some extra years from your age.

We all can agree to the fact that hairstyle can completely transform the way you look. While a seasoned hairstylist accentuates your overall personality with an appropriate haircut, you might end up looking many years older due to an improper hairstyle. Therefore it is suggested that you must not wholly rely on the hairdresser and get educated about the suitable hairstyles for your face. We bring you some tips to ensure that hairstyle takes away ten years from your face.

Bid adieu to those big buns

No matter how good a bun looks on the model of a magazine cover, a bun is going to tie your hair together on your crown area or back to give you a much older look. If you desire, you could try tying your hair into half and leaving the other half open. It could still be a better idea for you.

Bob Cut

When you are tired with your dull, predictable long hair, you need to get a bit bolder and give yourself a complete makeover with a bob cut. Depending upon your hair quality, you could choose wavy bobs or curly bobs for your frizzy hair. Bob cut adds dimension with layers, making you look youthful and unconventional in your style game.

Bangs done rightly

Bangs could completely elevate your look only if your stylist has good knowledge about this comfortable looking but intricate hairstyle. You could choose soft bangs on the sides of your temple area. Bangs work best if you have a broad forehead and you want to make your face more proportionate. In case you are feeling adventurous, go for baby bangs for that chirpy, girly look. The best part about bangs is that you could always grow your bangs back if they aren’t your things.


If hair colouring is your thing, then you could always try highlighting your hair. Again, your hairstylist could help you choose the best colour for your hair depending on your skin tone, quality of your hair and your face cut. The right hue for your hair could bring out the best angles of your face, making you look classy. Highlights look great on long hair too making your long locks truly stand out.

Pixie Cut

Short haircut is akin to a non-surgical face makeover. If you are looking for really short hair, the pixie cut is the best style for you. This hairstyle is quite popular with the women who want to flaunt their bohemian avatar to the world. Pixie cut not only makes you look younger but also peppy and playful.

Bring out the oomph in you by tweaking your hairstyle and subtract years from your face. And you are going to win the style game surely!

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