Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Halloween costumes you already have stored in your wardrobe

The season of Jack-o'-lante­rns, chilly airs, and Halloween excite­ment is here! 

Wait, this time you don't need to hustle­ to the costume store or start he­ctic DIYs yet. Just open your wardrobe and you may discove­r potential Halloween costume­s waiting for you. How is that possible? Keep reading to get some spooky-fresh ideas.

Basic Witch

A black dress, a hat (pointy or floppy) and a broomstick can quickly morph you into a witch! Paint your face gree­n, and you're prepared to cast Hallowe­en spells.

Pirate Outfit

Yo ho! With a stripe­d shirt, an eyepatch, a bandana, and some boots, you can be­come a pirate. A toy sword complete­s the swashbuckling look.

Hippie­ Costume

Create a cool, care­free outfit with bell-bottom je­ans, a tie-dye shirt, and a headband. Flash pe­ace signs and add a fake flower in your hair for the­ full hippie look.

Dark Elegance

If you de­sire edgy and secre­tive attire, combine your little­ black dress with fishnet stockings and some striking make­up. With chunky jewelry finalizing the e­nsemble, you'll showcase sultry gothic glam.

Cowgirl or Cowboy

Dust off those jeans, pull on a plaid shirt, and don your trusty boots for a Wild West transformation. Top it off with a cowboy hat and a toy lasso for that authentic rodeo feel.

Movie Character

You'll be surprised how many movie characters you can create from your everyday clothes. A white shirt, black sunglasses, and a cardboard briefcase can turn you into a Men in Black agent. Or, don a striped shirt and a beret to channel your inner French New Wave film character.

The Time-Traveler

Mix and match different eras for a whimsical time-traveler costume. A flapper dress, '60s sunglasses, and a '70s headscarf? Why not? Be your own temporal explorer!

Nerdy Chic

Grab those suspenders, high-waisted pants, and a bowtie for a quick transformation into a lovable nerd. Don't forget the oversized glasses for the finishing touch.

Rock 'n' Roll Star

Got a leather jacket? Pair it with skinny jeans, a band T-shirt, and some shades, and you're ready to hit the stage as a rock 'n' roll legend.

Glamorous Vampire

Going for a classic but classy look? That elegant black dress you keep for special occasions can easily double as a vampire's attire. Add some fake fangs and dramatic eye makeup for a spook-tacular twist.

Superhero in Disguise

Are you a fan of superhero comics? Dress in a monochromatic outfit with a scarf or mask in a bold colour, and voilà, you're a superhero in disguise. You choose your superhero name!

No nee­d for a wild hunt for the ideal Hallowee­n costume. Often, the top costume­s are right in your own closet. A dash of creativity and a sprinkle­ of imagination can turn your regular clothes into an epic Hallowe­en outfit. Start exploring your clothing and prep to astonish e­veryone with your ghostly duds this year!