Harry Potter: 8 Scenes that never get old

Iconic scenes that will forever live on

The universe of Harry Potter is enchanting, to say the least.Bing watching it over the weekend is no big deal. Let’s face it: we have all done it. Finished 8 parts in a matter of 2 days. And why not? Harry Potter films are satisfying and visually so captivating with a storyline that has gotten millions of kids invested in the life of the teenage wizard.

Before you start streaming your favourite Harry Potter part again (hello, nostalgia), here is a list of the most satisfying, coolest, heart-wrenching and simply the best scenes in the Harry Potter movies.

Hermione punches Draco

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione punches Draco when the latter makes fun of Hagrid and caught lurking near Hagrid’s hut makes Hermione call him an evil little cockroach before smashing raising her wand at him. She doesn’t use any spell, puts away her wand, and smashed Draco’ face with her fist. Satisfying? Oh yes!

Dobby saves Harry for one last time

Dobby, forever in servitude for harry, takes the dagger thrown at Harry. While he breaths his last, surrounded by three people he died saving, the scene is tear jerker. The grave read: Here lies Dobby, a free elf.

Sirius drifts into the veil

You feel the scene. Bellatrix hits Sirius with the killing curse and while Sirius drifts beyond the Veil, you could hear Bellatrix laughing. Its crushing and enraging at the same time.

Neville slays Nagini

Who would have thought Neville Longbottom would be the one to brace up and slay one of the closest Horcrux of Voldemort? The slow-motion scene, with students running around, chaotic, is picture perfect.

Harry’s first ever Patronus

Another iconic scene is when Harry successfully casts the Patronus spell to make the Dementors go away. Pitch black forest with only Harry’s stag Patronus is one hell of a scene.

Fred and George quit school

Everything the twins did was fun. But when they crashed the exam hall with firecrackers right under the nose of Umbridge can’t be measured up to anything else. Fred and George literally made their exit with a boom and a bang.

Hogwarts prepare for a battle

Mcgonagall casts a Transfiguration spell to raise the statues to protect the school is something she always wanted to do. She asks Seamus to blow up the bridge and the cherry on the top? When all the professors raise their wands, casting a protective shield around the school. Ooh, goosebumps!

Harry watches Snape’s memory

Harry watches the truth behind Snape’s whole life. He watches how Snape cradled his mother, how he vowed to protect Harry and how ‘Always’ meant always for him.


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