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Harry Potter- Evolution of Potter Head Fandom

The timeless charm and wizardry of Harry Potter series that has got us fascinated, and recapitulates to make more potter heads through the decades.

Do you remember the times when we whispered Harry Potter in a sneaky tone in our friend’s eardrums! From memorizing all the spells too using our pencils as a wand, we just grew up. But did we outgrow the craze? I don’t think so. The wizardry and the enchanting world still grows within us, and we all have a certain level of potter head contained within, waiting for the right potion to spill it out!

The Start of the Internet-

With the publishing of the first Harry Potter book was the outburst of using the internet at leisure. Previously it was used only in universities and for privileged users only. By the year 1999, the internet was accessible to every- one in three houses that helped in the popularity of the series. So basically we can say the movie was published at the right time! But that does not change the fact Harry potter was the game changer liked by teenagers worldwide.

According to the Fanfiction studies, Reader Coppa writes- the original series was produced into movies that portrayed the protagonist’s adventures in school life. The books resist the finished text theory and keep an open end for the story to build up in future with supplements.

The Evolving Fanfiction-

With time fans became more open to watching what was not real and were more stimulated with fiction. It was easier to create a community to adapt to the magical realm. Be it the movie or the books, the fan revolution brought together the world over a common subject of emotion. The release of muggle net in 1999 engaged fan globally and widened the narrow boundaries of culture.

The 15 years of characterization of the most fascinating role portrayal, is not only ideal for kids to watch but also eases us with something that captures your memory without the use of unnecessary romanticism or violence.

Powers That the Series Brought-

When in 2000 the Warner Bros. bought over the merchandise of the series, they were not prepared for the well-organized fandom. The fan fall crossed all boundaries, languages and cultures. What got it even more exclusive is there is more than one creator to mask it. The stage plays, books and prequel movies. Unlike other series, the potter heads can be rejoiced by nerds alike. It taught kids being alone is not the end of it. The nostalgia is carried on even now, and the new generation has embraced it with the same enthusiasm we did.