Haunting urban legends from US

Do you like urban legends? If yes, then you must have heard some ancient folk tales from Middle East and South Asia but have you ever read or heard about the mysterious legends of US?

Let’s talk about some of the famous spooky tales from the states.

The Bunny Man of Virginia

It is said that, residents of Clifton, were not happy with the asylum being located in their area. So some locals along with other people, signed a petition to the authorities, demanding the asylum be shifted to some other locality.  After few days of deliberations, patients were moved on to the fifteen buses, to be transferred out of the Clifton. Some fourteen busses reached their destination, accept one bus, which crashed on the Clifton Bridge.  Out of thirty patients boarding the bus twenty patients died while ten other patients ran into the nearby woods. When this news reached the authorities’ police were sent out to the spot, to lookout for the fleeing patients. After few days of, intense search, police was able to catch all the patients accept one, the bunny man. If tales to be believed, then bunny man’s real name was Douglas Feldman, a schizophrenic patient, who was spending his days in the asylum for axing his wife and children. According to the locals soon after the bus accident, a number of strange things were seen on the Clifton Bridge. This included several mutilated bodies of the bunnies. However things took more sinister turn in days to follow, when along with the mutilated bodies of the bunnies bodies of local residents were also found on the bridge.

Homey – The Clown

All throughout the suburbs of Chicago in the ’90s, there was a consistent rumour going around elementary schools: there was a creepy man dressed as Homey the Clown, driving around in a white van trying to lure kids into it with candy and money. In some variations he was a kidnapper, in others he was just an abnormal man who loves to dress but in all the versions, Homey left a scare on the minds of young children in the ’90s. This place is claimed to haunted and very much restricted for the visitors.

The White Lady

The story of White Lady Lane is heartbreaking yet haunting. According to the legends, a beautiful young woman became pregnant out of wedlock and her traditional parents forced her to marry the father. This made her upset and in a significant turn of events, the baby died soon after the birth. It is said that after the death of the baby, the woman committed suicide. The locals have claimed that they can still see the woman dressed in white with her baby.

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