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he Highest Points Ever Scored by an NBA Player in a Quarter

Examining which star players hold the record for the highest number of points scored in a single quarter throughout basketball history!

Within the universe of professional basketball, certain moments shine for their exceptional individual displays. Today, we explore the top 14 instances of single-quarter scoring feats in NBA history. These are moments where players demonstrate outstanding scoring abilities, imprinting a lasting legacy on the game.

From Klay Thompson's remarkable 37-point quarter to Dirk Nowitzki's iconic fadeaway shots, let's embark on a journey through these historic moments that encapsulate the essence of basketball brilliance.

Klay Thompson 

To begin, we look at the unforgettable showing by Klay Thompson on January 23, 2015. Thompson delivered an extraordinary performance for the Golden State Warriors against the Sacramento Kings by scoring 37 points in the third quarter. His exceptional accuracy from three-point range and ability to score in transition astonished fans and opponents. This remarkable feat solidified Thompson's position in NBA history, marking the highest single-quarter point total.

Kevin Love 

On November 23, 2016, Kevin Love showcased an outstanding performance for the Cleveland Cavaliers in a matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers. Following an exceptional first quarter, where he accumulated an impressive 34 points, Love continued to make valuable contributions to his team's success. Kevin Love had amassed 40 points when the game concluded, contributing significantly to the Cavaliers' 137-125 victory over the Trail Blazers. Love's exceptional scoring skills were crucial in driving Cleveland to success, underscoring his importance as a critical player in the team's triumphant performance.

Carmelo Anthony 

On December 10, 2008, Carmelo Anthony delivered a dazzling performance for the Denver Nuggets in a matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Anthony's excellence was particularly evident in the third quarter, where he scored an impressive 33 points, matching the record set by a renowned player from the San Antonio Spurs for the most points in a quarter.

When the game concluded, Carmelo Anthony had put together a notable overall display, finishing with 45 points. In addition to scoring, he made valuable contributions in other aspects of the game, securing 11 rebounds. This well-rounded effort was pivotal in Denver's convincing victory, sealing the game with a final score of 116-105.

George Gerwin

In his prime, George Gervin, nicknamed The IceMan, proved to be a highly potent force in scoring. A notable instance was on April 9, 1978, the final game of the 1977–78 regular season. Gervin showcased his dominance in the mid-range and finished at the rim with his signature finger roll.

The night held particular significance as the scoring title was up for grabs, with David Thompson of the Denver Nuggets in contention. In an attempt to secure both the scoring title and surpass Thompson's recently set scoring record in a quarter, Gervin exploded for 33 points in the second quarter against the New Orleans Jazz. Despite the San Antonio Spurs losing the game 153-132, Gervin had an outstanding individual performance.

Gervin also clinched the scoring title over Thompson by setting a new record for the most points in a quarter. He scored 63 points on 23-49 shooting, finishing the season with a scoring average of 27.22. Thompson's remarkable 73 points only gave him an average of 27.15 points per game.

The individuals listed here have recorded the highest career scores for many NBA players in a single quarter. These explosive performances are what contribute to the excitement of basketball for fans across the globe!