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Healing for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Emotionally immature parents can leave their children crippled in their adulthood.

But how do we deal with this? The answer is healing childhood trauma caused by our emotionally immature parents. Healing is a journey we need to take step by step. And that is exactly what we learn from the book “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents” by Dr. Lindsay Gibson.

Those of us who have been raised by emotionally unavailable parents know our childhood experiences can often lead us towards feelings of anger, betrayal, loneliness, or abandonment. But that’s not the end of the road. Healing is possible. Growing up under the care of an emotionally immature parent leaves us with a wounded adulthood that carries the torments of the past on its skin, scars, marks left by their troublesome adolescence experiences. But time and environment can methodically heal these wounds and help us build a healthy life. What should be the first step though?

It becomes important to ask ourselves these questions to start the healing process – Were our emotional needs met while growing up? And how often did we face dismissal of our feelings? Were we expected to take on adult levels of responsibility so we can compensate for the behaviors of our parents?

In the book Dr. Lindsay Gibson helps the reader to move on and heal from their feelings of loneliness and fears of abandonment. The writing navigates a map to find healthier ways to heal from emotional traumas experienced in childhood and help the reader fulfill their own emotional needs. Her writings are guidance that empowers her readers with the tools they need in order to free themselves from ancestral traumas intertwined in the complicated threads of family dynamics. It is absolutely important for us to heal from such trauma as they majorly keep on affecting our lives even as adults.

It’s a breakthrough book, written by well-regarded clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson, which goes on to expose the negative or destructive effects immature parenting creates for the children and their psyche. The book is a major work on the destructive nature of parenting and the effects of emotional unavailability from our parental figures in our formative years. Often such parenting can even seem to be neglectful, at least in the minds of the children. They try to discover different ways to heal from these pain inflicted in the childhood and all the associated confusion caused by them. These are rarely healthy coping mechanisms and healing mandates us to look deep into these mechanisms and only salvage the healthier ones and replace the harmful ones with other healthier alternatives. Slowly and steadily the adult children, the subjects of emotionally immature parenting, can heal these innate inner child wounds and become the best versions of them.

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