Health benefits and risks associated with borax

Borax refers to a mineral generally found at the site of dried up lake. It comes in a crystalline form and a mixture of sodium borate and a boron ore. This mineral is named after an Arabic word ‘buraq’ which implies to the white colour. It is called Suhaga in Hindi and Tankana in Ayurveda.

Borax was found in the Tibet first and also known as ‘the miracle mineral’ due to its health benefits. It is used in many forms but it has amazing health benefits and can be used in the form of food. Generally, it is taken with lemon juice, honey or turmeric. It has some miraculous benefits and advantages and it is recommended by ayurveda for many reasons. Some of the benefits by suhaga or borax is given below:

Prevents cancer – Borax is known to enhance immunity and also has been proven to improve metabolism. It inhibits tumor cells proliferation and migration also causing apoptosis of tumor cells. According to new research it is said that it may have anti-cancer properties of different types of cancers like prostate, cervical, lungs and breast cancer. Cancer is a common disease today which is not curable and hence, it is important to prevent it in first place.

Improves Digestion – The hot potency of borax helps to relieve bloating and other digestive problems. Due to its antimicrobial properties it is also beneficial for urinary tract infection. It is costumed with the coconut oil, honey or lemon juice. To improve your digestion, you can have suhaga.

Treatment of arthritis – People with rheumatoid arthritis have decreased levels of boron in their blood. Therefore, borax has been used as an effective therapy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It is recommended mainly for old people to use it.

Prevents acne – Acne refers to the inflammatory condition resulted in the breakout of pimples on the skin. Usually, it is caused by the clogging of hair follicles with dead skin. According to the studies, boric acid is antimicrobial and may aid in eliminating further breakouts of acne causing bacteria. However, topical application of boric acid is not safe and causes irritation. So, consult your doctor before doing so.

Risks or side effects associated with borax

Generally, it is safe to consume and does not have any side effects. Having it regularly or on a daily basis could be a problem due to excessive exposure of boron. It can cause nausea, vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea. Therefore, consulting your doctor before starting a new regime is important. One should know about all the risks too before using something.

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