Health benefits of hog plum (Amra)

Hog plum, or Amra is a highly popular fruit throughout the world for its sweet-sour taste.

Amra, originally discovered in semi-wild form from American countries, is widely used for its health benefits. The fruit looks like a small oval with tapering ends at the tips. The fruit is green in color when unripened and becomes yellow after maturity. Apart from fruits, the bark and leaves are believed to be healthy. Without further delay, let’s find out the health benefits of Hog plum.

Protection from heart disease:

Nearly 18 million people die every year from heart-related diseases worldwide. The number is increasing at a faster rate. You have to take care of your heart from a very young age. Fruits and vegetables are the best way to start with. Hog plum contains all the heart-friendly nutrients. The antioxidant content is much higher than other fruits of the cashew family. While conducting a comparative analysis, it was found that, those antioxidants are more potent than ramipril, a medication for cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it helps in reducing cholesterol concentrations in blood.

Bone and muscle strength:

Hog plum is enriched with vitamin K, an essential element for bone growth. Eating hog plum is a potential remedy for bone fracture, osteoporosis. The copper content also aids in the assimilation of vitamin C and D for better bone health. It also contains thiamin, a crucial compound for muscle contraction. It is also proved that nerve signal conduction gets improved by regular hog plum consumption. High vitamin C content also helps in collagen production, maintenance of skin, and overall improvement of cartilage, tendon, and ligament health. Also, teeth health is improved by hog plum consumption.

Improved hemoglobin and blood purification:

Hemoglobin and myoglobin carry oxygen in your body. Hog plum is enriched with iron, an essential element of these two. So it helps in the production and maintenance of red blood cells. At the same time, antioxidants remove the free radicals to purify the blood. Regular intake of hog plum can provide you 20-30% of your daily iron requirement.

Diuretic properties:

Hog plum has diuretic properties. Don’t get confused with the term. Diuresis is nothing but the removal of excess fluid and salt. When the salt content increases inside the body, blood pressure increases rapidly so, hog lum help in controlling blood pressure also. Excess fluid is removed in the form of urine.

Febrifuge properties:

Febrifuge means antipyretic properties. Hog plum is beneficial in reducing high fever. Many doctors suggest eating it when a patient is suffering from malarial or viral fever. The phytochemicals help in reducing high fever.

The benefits of Amra or hog plum is well known for centuries. But this needs some more appreciation as it provides a wholesome nutrient. Be it in any form, Hog plum boosts immunity, prevents anemia, improves digestion. Few researchers have also concluded that hog plum is a good aphrodisiac too.

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