Health benefits of kabab chini (kebubs)

Kabab Chini or tailed pepper is a herb with numerous health benefits.

Even without knowing people use some cooking materials that are full of health benefits. Kabab chini is one such material. Kabab Chini, an indigenous herb found in Indonesia, is a flowering vine. Due to its origin, it is also known as Java pepper. The Hindi name is Sheetalchini as it imparts cooling effects when placed over the tongue. Go through this article to know the health benefits of Kabab Chini.

Better respiratory health:

Kabab Chini is one of the best remedies for respiratory problems. If you are having a blocked nose, persistent cough, irritation in the chest region, you should definitely try kabab chini. It promotes the dilation of bronchioles and bronchi, which in turn help in better airflow to the lungs. It acts as a perfect expectorant. When you are down with fever and cough, try to consume kabab chini as it clears congestion. Even the irritation of nasal passages can be cured with it. So, if you are having any kind of respiratory problem, you can rely on kabab chini.

Anti-inflammatory effects:

Kabab chini is endowed with phytochemicals that are potent anti-inflammatory agents. Daily consumption provides relief from swelling, inflammation, and pain. Any sort of oral or gum infection or inflammation can be treated with kabab chini. Despite its raw form, the paste prepared from dried fruits provides similar or better results.

Improved digestive health:

The overall digestion process gets improved by kabab chini consumption. It promotes better absorption and assimilation of food materials. Moreover, it prevents bloating, flatulence, and abdominal cramps.

Oral health:

Kabab chini possesses a unique remedy for oral problems. The aroma helps in combating bad breath. Halitosis or better known as bad mouth odor is preventable with regular kabab chini consumption. At the same time, dental problems like cavities, pyorrhea can be treated with kabab chini due to its antiseptic properties. Many dentists suggest simple mouth wash with kabab chini regularly. Try it, you will see changes in oral health within a week.

Prevention of urinary or kidney-related problems:

Nearly 200 million people suffer from urinary problems globally. The problems are painful urination, incontinence, burning sensation during urination, and so on. Kabab chini is a brilliant diuretic substance. Urinary bladder inflammation or any infection in the prostate can be treated kabab chini. People suffering from lack of urination should try this as it promotes urination. Cubebic acid in kabab chini promotes proper urinary health.

Just like other spices, excess consumption of kabab chini is harmful as it may cause headaches. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid kabab chini. if you are having any infection in the stomach, then kabab chini may worsen the situation. Although it has various benefits on urinary health, but people suffering from nephritis should stay away from consuming kabab chini.

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