Health benefits of lotus root

Despite the beautiful flower, the lotus has other parts with health benefits too in the form of lotus root.

There are various parts of any plant with various benefits. Root, often neglected but is a highly nutritious part of a plant. However, lotus root is a popular delicacy in the Asian subcontinent. It can be eaten as snacks or even in herbal medicinal forms.When the texture is considered, it looks like a potato in raw form. This is very easy to cook and possesses numerous health benefits too. Here are some of the important health benefits of lotus root.

Improves digestion:

People suffering from digestive problems should try the lotus root. It contains a high amount of fiber which provides relief from constipation. Furthermore, nutrient absorption increases with the regular consumption of lotus root. It also promotes the secretion of gastric juices that improves digestion and peristalsis.

Blood pressure control:

Abnormal blood pressure (high or low) is a common problem nowadays. Proper doses of nutrients is required to combat this issue. Lotus root is enriched with potassium that maintains proper blood pressure levels. Furthermore, it helps in blood vessel relaxation and aids in rigidity and contraction properties, which in turn, increases blood circulation.Thus, all the organs get a sufficient dose of oxygen. Lotus root is one of the perfect food items to maintain homeostasis of the body.

Healthy blood cells:

Your health status is determined by the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of blood cells. Lotus root is enriched with iron and copper, the main compounds of red blood cells formation and maintenance. Thus, it is important for anemic patients.

Stress reduction:

Every person suffers from stress and associated problems. The high vitamin B content of lotus root helps to fight against stress. Pyridoxine is a compound that interacts with nerve cells to reduce stress and irritability. It has been proved that the lotus root is endowed with the power of tranquility. It helps in the reduction of headaches too.

Skin health and hair growth:

Sufficient amounts of vitamin B complex and C are the reasons, why you should include lotus root in your diet if you are concerned about skin and hair-related problems. Collagen production gets enhanced by vitamin C, which translates into skin glow and radiance. Moreover, it helps in providing rigidity of connective tissues.It also provides the smoothness of your skin. Moreover, lotus root has been proved to be beneficial against hair fall.

Immunity booster:

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant. Lotus roots possess a high amount of antioxidants. It eradicates the harmful toxins from the human body. Thus, the lotus root is a good immunity booster. Vitamin A is also responsible for this property.

Apart from this, lotus root is beneficial for the eye as it is enriched with vitamin A. However, lotus root has some side effects too. It causes allergies in some people. Do not consume it in raw form.

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