Health benefits of nutmegs (Jaiphal)

Nutmegs or Jaiphal is an essential spice used in various delicacies, which have numerous health benefits.

Nutmegs were first discovered in Indonesia, later became famous globally due to their sweet, mild, and warm fragrance. Now it is grown commercially for the production of nutmeg butter and essential oil. This spice is known in various names in different parts of India. Jaiphal, Jaji Kaya, Jatikkai, Jaikai, Javitri, Jaipal, Jathika are the respective names for Hindi,  Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengal, Marathi, and Malayalam respectively. There are multifarious health benefits of Nutmegs, the following are important ones.

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Inflammation is the body’s response to fight against harmful agents. It is considered one of the major signs of lethal diseases. It is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and so on. Nutmegs are enriched with anti-inflammatory phytochemicals like sabinene, monoterpenes, pinene, and terpineol. The fine powder of Jaiphal is endowed with essential oils like elemicin, myristicin, safrole, and so on. They are potent anti-inflammatory substances. Thus nutmeg is effective against arthritis.

Improved digestive health:

Indigestion can be cured by Jaiphal. The fine powder is also effective in treating flatulence and constipation. Abdominal cramps, a serious and painful problem can also be cured of Jaiphal consumption. Some researchers have concluded that it has the potential to treat ulcers too. Other digestive problems like vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea can be cured by Nutmegs. It also removes toxic substances from liver and kidney.

Effective for skin health:

Healthy skin is pure bliss. Nutmegs are endowed with antimicrobial properties. The Jaiphal powder helps in providing radiance and a natural glow to the skin. It helps in treating blackheads. The pores caused by acne can be filled up by regular use of Jaiphal powder. The signs of aging become prominent in skin cells, this can also be prevented. Nutmegs have anti-aging compounds like macelignan, which has skin-cell rejuvenating properties. Nutmegs powder has cleansing can be used with aloe vera or milk to apply on your skin. Keep the mixture for 10-15 minutes daily to see visible results.

Improves brain health:

Jaiphal has stimulatory effects on brain cells. It has been effectively used to treat anxiety and stress since ancient days. It also acts as a sedative in the proper formulation. Furthermore, it is a well-known aphrodisiac with libido-enhancing properties.

Improves dental health:

Every person in the world suffers from dental issues at least once in a lifetime. Bacterial actions are the main reason behind most dental problems. The antimicrobial property of nutmegs helps in killing those harmful bacteria. Thus it is an essential element in many kinds of toothpaste. Jaiphal helps in treating bad breath also. It helps in filling dental cavities as well as toothache.

However, you should also remember that excessive nutmegs consumption is bad for your health. Some phytochemicals may cause hallucinating effects when consumed in large amounts for a long duration.

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