Health Benefits Of Sabudana

Sabudana also known as sago, saksak or tapioca pearl in many areas. It is a starch extracted from the pith or spongy centre of the palm trees and processed into pearl like structures. Sabudana is an important part of Chinese cuisine. In1940s, sabudana was imported into India from Southeast Asia.

Sabudana is a powerhouse of nutrients and energy. It has vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, fibre and iron. Whether you are looking for energy boosting food or aiming toward a healthy weight gain, sabudana is an excellent choice loaded with nutrients. There are many health benefits of sabudana mentioned below.

Treats Anemia – When the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells, this condition is called anemia. This condition leads to the reduced flow of oxygen to the organs of the body. The deficiency of iron affects many people in India every year. Sabudana is an excellent source of iron and treats low levels of hemoglobin, thus it is effective for the patients of anemia.

Powerhouse of energy – Sabudana act as a fast energy booster as it is high in calories and a high carb food source. It can be consumed post fasting or excessive workout to gain energy. It helps in getting relief from dizziness, headache and tiredness.

Improves Digestion – It contains dietary fibres that aid digestion issues like gas, bloating and constipation. It consists of resistant starch that works like fibre and helps in gut health. Sabudana is easy to digest and has a cooling effect on the stomach that’s why it also treats problems like diarrhoea.

Gluten-free diet -Many young and older people are intolerant to the gluten proteins in cereals like wheat which is the main diet of most people in India. Sabudana had low protein content and gluten free organically. Most people want to go for gluten free diet for different reasons. So, it can substitute wheat to make chapatis or mithai and also it is recommended for coeliac patients.

Healthy Pregnancy –Consuming overnight soaked sabudana in the morning has many health benefits in pregnancy. Due to the high level of iron and calcium, it is extremely healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers. As it enhances the productivity of milk and maintains the iron deficiency in pregnant women.


Sabudana or tapioca pearl has many health benefits. It also has high calories and starch content which is not for the people trying to lose their weight. But the nutrients in it make it a complete healthy option to include in your daily diet to help you in fighting against many unwanted things.

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