Healthy bean recipe ideas to try

Any beans lovers out here?

Beans are high source of plant proteins, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Incorporating types of beans in diet is always a healthy choice. For the vegetarians, protein from beans is not only a healthy choice but is also quite delicious.

Here are some healthy bean recipes to try, in case you’re bored with the regular ones.

Bbq Baked beans: Baked beans are delicious. This recipe calls for a home-made barbeque sauce that is low is sugar and carbs rather than a store-bought one, but the effort is well worth it.

Mushroom and kidney beans koftas: Koftas are usually made of animal-based protein but this very vegan koftas of mushroom and kidney beans that is easy to prepare and lip-smacking delish as well.

White bean noodles: White bean noodles will give a twist to your regular noodles. Love broccoli? Throw some in there too. White beans give it the plant-based protein you need and noodles the comfortable choice that you want.

Creamy curry: Black beans cooked with tomatoes, cumin, garlic and chillies in a slow cooker style is the ultimate comfort food for days you feel lazy. Drizzle some cream to add another layer to thickness to your curry.

Bean burritos: Cook the beans however you like and wrap up that goodness in a burrito. It can be eaten while on the go as well.

Cauliflower and bean rice: You can go for black or kidney beans for this one. The goodness of cauliflower adds a nice foil to the taste of the beans. Add your own sprinkle of pepper, parsley, coriander, mint to the recipe.

Shakshuka beans

Chickpeas sandwich: Chickpeas sandwich is more delicious than you think. Put in some cheese, veggies of choice, tawa-fry it and voila! You won’t feel the guilt munching on this sandwich that’s for sure.

Sweet potato and kidney beans salad: If you don’t mind the protein overload, throw in chunks of tofu in there. Now salad doesn’t have to mean a bland meal you have to get through.

Black bean hummus: Hummus is generally made of chickpeas but with this you can turn any canned tin of black beans into a delicious dip. Throw in some parmesan and garlic in the mix if you like it.

Shakshuka beans: Shakshuka is made with eggs, but for this all you need is a lot of tomatoes and chickpeas. The sauce has a rich tomato base and beans incorporated into it. Can be had with bread or with rice.

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