Heatstroke- immediate home remedies

Along with creating uneasiness in the environment scorching summer months increase the human body temperature too.

Unforgiving summer sun and associated alarmingly high humidity affect the human body in many ways. One of the adverse effects of overheating of the human body leads to the condition of heatstroke. Although sometimes misinterpreted along with different forms of stroke, it should be remembered that heatstroke is nothing but a result of excessive exposure to heat or high temperature mostly during sunny warm days. In such dehydrating period, the patient needs immediate treatment. Here is the list of ways that can be used effectively to treat the person suffering from heatstroke in the initial period or on an urgent basis.

Immediate immersion into icy cold water: The treatment of heatstroke relies on decreasing the body temperature. At first, keep the patient under a shaded area. Bathing of extremely cold water helps in the reduction of overheating. Before bathing remove the excess cloths from that person. Doctors say that the more time elapsed to get cold water, the chance of damage to vital organs (brain or heart) increases.

Wrapping cooling blankets:  Apart from bathing, one effective way to reduce body heat is wrapping the person in a special cooling blanket. This helps in an overall reduction of temperature.Keeping a wet towel on the head helps in reducing the temperature.

Put ice packs on: Placing the ice packs to armpits, neck, groin, and back accelerates the process of reduction of body temperature.

Evaporation cooling method: When the icy cold water or cooling blanket is unavailable, this method can be applied. In this process, some cool water is sprinkled over the body with warm air is aerated to accelerate the evaporation from the skin.

Avoid sugary drinks or alcohol: There are some common myths of drinking high-calorie or alcoholic beverages to treat a person suffering from heatstroke. These drinks sometimes interfere with the natural cooling process of the body. At the same time, very cold drinks often lead to stomach aches and cramps.

Medication to stop shivering: during the process of immediate cooling the body temperature, many patients shiver a lot. This again raises the body temperature. To decrease the shivering, muscle relaxants should be provided.

As home treatment is never a proper way to heal heatstroke, medical observation should be provided as soon as possible. The abovementioned methods are suggested to start the urgent treatment procedure only. If a person feels the symptoms of heatstroke (no sweating, nausea, vomiting, high heart rate, confusion, weakness,and so on), seeking emergency medical support is a wise way.

If untreated, heatstroke can be lethal as it damages major organs, so do not ignore heatstroke.

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