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Here Are 3 Mantras Parents Should Say To A Child With Extra Needs

Your child is a superhero, who will surely win the battle of life!

It is not an easy task to manage and handle the behavioral needs of a child with special needs, the requirements for social sensitivity towards him and the responsibility of paying extra attention as a parent. Especially, where a child with special needs always demands extra affection and time from the parents. It should be kept in mind that raising a child with special needs is quite costly, so many times the parents have to take special initiative in the workplace in order to expand their financial capacity. In various  cases, parents of a child with different needs cannot give their child enough time throughout the day for the busyness of professional life. As a result, many parents of children with special needs often experience guilt, depression and anxiety issues. So, how can parents encourage a differently abled child by taking care of everything? Well, today’s article will cover the details of this. Keep reading.

Don’t Think Of Your Child As Inferior: Seek The Help Of Like-Minded Parents To Develop Your Child’s Potential Areas

Your child has to face many challenges in real life due to his physical and mental disabilities. Salute his/her indomitable mental strength and unyielding spirit.  Build your own network with other children and their parents who are struggling with the same complications as your child.  Encourage children who are fighting against equal situations to develop a friendly attitude towards each other.  Encourage your child with these 3 mantras to overcome his / her own physical and mental barriers and make maximum use of his / her own skills.

You Are Perfect As You Are:

Your child will never be interrupted by physical or mental disability – instill this belief in him. Your child may not be able to run very fast, play football, or ride a bicycle. But in terms of mental skills, he is no less than an able-bodied child. Take the example of Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned scientist who, despite being in a wheelchair, penetrated the mysteries of the universe. Give him the example of world-class Indian swimmer Masudur Rahman, who crossed the English Channel by overcoming his physical disability. Being physically fit is not the main source of success, a person can conquer the world by becoming mentally strong if he wants to – imprint this positive idea in him.

You Are Not Alone, We Are A Team:

Make your child realize that you are always by his/her side as a parent, as a guide, as a friend and as a comrade in this fight. Which will increase your kid’s confidence. This way, your child will no longer feel unaccepted.

Not Everyone Will Be Your Friend, And That’s Ok:

Sensitivity lessons cannot be taught to everyone. There are and always will be people in this society who will have a negative attitude towards your child. It is not your child’s responsibility to convince them. Your child’s special needs, physical or mental, can in no way prevent him/her from becoming a full-fledged human being.  Teach your child to accept only those, who will be your child’s friend spontaneously. It is better to abandon the rest. Your child will not be at the mercy of anyone, as a self-sufficient human being he/she has the right to live with the same social respect and importance as the rest of the physically and mentally able people.

Bono Sen

Author is an aspiring creative writer, food-buff and bookworm. Loves to travel, bunks in lesser known bnbs and loves her chai more than anything else. She adds her two cents to every idea and has been a scriber for more than a decade now!
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