Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym

The real secret of weight loss lies in daily physical activities!

Doctors nowadays suggest weight loss as the first cure for various ailments. From knee pain to diabetes, from keeping the heart healthy to low back pain, controlling excess body weight makes it much easier to fight such a variety of diseases. But there is no secret way to lose weight.  There are no shortcuts here. According to doctors and dieticians, there is no substitute for weight loss through exercise and sweating. This does not mean that you have to gym regularly. Instead, doctors rely on weight loss methods, daily diet, exercise and adequate sleep. With some important things in mind, you can lose extra calories without going to the gym.

The Key To Reducing Fat Is Sweating In Daily Life:

Exercise alone does not burn calories. We burn calories when we talk, play, laugh and even when we sleep. The rate of calorie burning is higher during physical activities and lower during leisure time. If you have an idea of how many calories are burned throughout the day, then you chalk out your daily routine accordingly.


30 minutes of walking on a treadmill can burn the same amount of calories as daily household chores. Dusting the house is quite a laborious task. Sweeping the house, cleaning the fan, etc. burns about 200 calories. Also, it helps a lot to strengthen the arm and waist muscles.


Frequent house cleaning actually helps to lose weight very effectively without the gymming. House regularly. Make sure to follow the additional method of wiping the house with wet rags while sitting on the floor.  Experts say that if you can mop at least 4 rooms a day, about 180 calories can be burned easily.


Dance is especially useful for losing weight and keeping the mind happy. A 45 minutes daily dancing routine with your favorite music can burn 200 calories effortlessly.


If gardening is your hobby, you can easily lose weight without going to the gym. Take care of the trees, dig the soil, fertilize the roots, prune the garden – do all the work by yourself. It will help you to reduce excess fat and stay healthy. Daily gardening burns about 400 to 450 calories. At the same time, the muscles of the arms, back, waist and thighs become stronger and toned.


Walk as much as you can. Just by walking 10 minutes every day, you can burn around 40 calories.

Home Makeover:

Change the look of your flat or house.  Paint the walls or change the wallpaper, replace the old furniture, put new carpets on the floor. This will change the look of your home as well as your own. Do it yourself without any professional help.  You can burn 210 calories every 30 minutes while painting the house. Changing the carpet will burn about 180 calories.

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