Here are a few great movies that deserved a sequel

Have you ever watched a movie and wished there was more?

Some directors end up making some legendary films but never continue the story.

But we feel, and we’re sure you do too, that some films definitely deserve a continuation…

So here are a few of the greatest movies that definitely deserved a sequel.

People often watch movies just to get some entertainment, but sometimes the storyline becomes so interesting that the heart and mind want to keep watching the film even after it’s finished. Some filmmakers write stories and never feel like continuing it later, no matter how famous it becomes. There are hundreds of amazing films over the years that deserved a sequel, and here we have listed just a few of them for you…

Kill Bill

It’s probably one of the most iconic films made to date; it is a shame that Kill Bill never got a sequel. Yes, we know what you are thinking… Kill Bill is a split moviemovie, but both were shot together and released only months apart. Fans are still waiting for director Quentin Tarantino to come up with Kill Bill Vol 3… but I guess we will have to wait a bit longer… or forever?

Mr and Mrs Smith

The movie that got the famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together! Who can ever watch this film and not ask for a sequel? If there is any film that has franchise potential, this is definitely it. Did you know that this action film almost did not happen? Many pairings were considered for the film until it was decided that Jolie and Pitt would star in it. Here is a hope for the future that we get to see a second part…

Get Out

This is a more recent film, not just a critic favourite but also a hit with the viewers. Every person who has ever watched this horror film has been curious about a sequel. However, Jordan Peele’s director has already said that he doesn’t want to make it a franchise!


If you know about this movie, you will know that it is a masterpiece, one of a kind one. It was shot over 12 years and actually captured a boy growing up. While we know that it may be impossible to make a sequel to this, the heart can only desire that we will see a continuation of this film one day!

Riya Banerjee

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