Here are some Bollywood superhero films you need to know

There are not just the dance and music numbers; there are these superhero films too

Way before the Marvel Universe took over the world with its superhero madness, our Indian cinema had already created its series of superheroes. While we have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in Hollywood, back home in Bollywood, the less explored genre has a lot to offer. Indian cinema might not have explored this genre of filmmaking that calls for maximum visual effects and high octane fight sequences, but what the minimal it has is of a great watch. So here is your list of superhero Bollywood films that you must watch.

Mr India

This 1987 film is a classic for it gave the 90s kid a picture of what an Indian superhero would look like and how his world would be different from the rest of the world. This film was the beginning of the era that then saw better Indian superhero characters emerging. This Shekhar Kapur directional showcased Anil Kapoor as the ultimate protagonist who lives as the caretaker of orphan children and is ready to go to extreme limits to protect these children. As the story proceeds, Anil Kapoor stumbles upon a watch that, when worn, makes the person disappear, and soon he becomes Mr India. With Sridevi and Amrish Puri portraying eccentric characters themselves, Hawahawai and Mogambo add charm, humour, and magic to the film.


This millennial superhero film became an iconic narration of superheroes in Bollywood. A follow-up of the alien hit movie Koi…Mil Gaya portrayed a mentally challenged Krishna, played by Hrithik Roshan, who stumbles upon his dead father’s machine that he used to communicate with aliens. While this movie had Krishna establish communication with aliens, get them to the Earth, and acquire superpowers, its sequel saw him as a superhero. Krrish gave us Hrithik Roshan as the masked vigilante who gets out and about to make the world a better place with his acquired power. The film further had a sequel called Krrish 3 that had Vivek Oberoi as the supervillain and Kangana Ranaut as a shapeshifter.

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

An absolute millennial superhero film to have made it to the screen, the film Bhavesh Joshi Superhero revolves around a young man, played by Harshvardhan Kapoor, who is driven by the zeal of living and working on things the right way. However, the story takes an uphill turn Bhavesh is out in the world trying to achieve feet in life, but when he comes in contact with corrupt authorities, his idea of being changes and determines to bring justice.

A few other Bollywood superhero films are A Flying Jatt, Ra.One, Ajooba, Superman, Shahenshah, Mr. X, Drona, Elaan and Shiva Ka Insaaf.

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