Here are the reasons why you should give therapy a try

You don’t need a mental breakdown or a big reason to seek therapy.

Therapy has earned a respectable place with people now. Earlier, only people with deep, dark issue who needed to see a therapist. But with more openness and awareness about mental health, therapy is on the table for anyone who has the dime and time.

Seeking therapy is not a matter of shame or fear. Thanks to the newfound awareness, therapy can help with a lot of issues. From relationship stress to trauma, from stress to sleep disorder, therapy has help for countless issues. Whether you’re experiencing abrupt mood swings or finding it difficult to deal with a sudden change, therapy can help. It does not necessarily have to be a life changing trauma or any other “big reason” for you to got to therapy.

Following are some reasons why you should give therapy a try.

Undergoing a big change

Moving to another city. Living alone for the first time. Got a new job. All such life altering changes can leave mark in physical, emotional and mental well-being. Speaking to a professional can help in developing skills and plans to make the transition easier.

Withdrawal from things that used to make you happy

Loss of motivation is a signal that you need help. If you have been making excuses to get out of girl’s night or giving up on a hobby that you liked, chances are there is something deeper at work. Therapy can help find the problem and help you work on it.

Feeling alone in company

Sudden feeling of recluse is a sign for therapy. Feeling alone with group of friends you used to love hanging out with? Talking to a professional will help you realise you are not alone – and that’s the first step. The therapist can help in bringing hope and comfort in life.

Feel like drifting towards substance abuse

While dealing with stress, it is possible to drift towards substance abuse to offer temporary escape. Research with the helpful aspect of therapy leads to understanding addiction and provide evidence-based treatment for substance abuse. If you feel yourself drifting towards substances for comfort, it is time to seek help from therapy.

Harmful thoughts

Thoughts of self-harm and suicide are always red flags and if you or anyone you know have been having such thoughts, you should seek help from a professional immediately.

Mood swings are getting to close for comfort

Constant mood swings is a sign that you are experiencing negative thoughts and a therapist can help identify the root cause for the mood swings. Even if it isn’t something life threatening, it is better to talk it out with a therapist. If it is mental health related, you can get ahead of it by treating it immediately.


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