Published By: Sreyanshi

Here is why we should be close to nature

"In all the things of nature, there is some of the marvelous" - Aristotle.

Humans are connected to nature from the very beginning of mankind till now. But in today's modern lifestyle things are getting a lot more mechanical than natural. The more we get mechanical the more exhausting and suffocating life gets. It's not necessary to go on a vacation to get close to nature. It can as simple as visiting your nearby park. Being close to nature is beneficial, but there are some reasons which explain why it is important.

(i) Improvement in memory:-

Might sound surprising or fake but it's not. Explanatory research has proved that people who stay in touch with nature by walking in green spaces or even by exercising in the park have better and clear memories than people who completely stay out of touch with nature. You can give it a start just by sitting on a park bench and reading your preferable book.

(ii) Increasing lifespan:-

This also might sound a bit unreal but not only one, but several types of research have also shown that. There is also logic in it. The more you stay in the lap of nature the less polluted supplies you get inside your body. For example, let's say a labeled bottle of mango juice you buy from the supermarket, will not be fresh and pure as a mango you directly pick up from a tree in your garden. As for the mango same goes with everything. You stay far from nature, the more harmful chemicals, and preservatives you consume in your everyday life. Including the suffocating polluted air.

(iii) Improvement in sleep pattern:-

Back in the old times, everything was this simple. People used to get up early with the sunrise, work during the day, and prepared to go home before sunset. Because that's how our brain works. When we don't see light the brain releases melatonin. The sleep hormone, and we naturally fall asleep. But in today's world 24x7 there's artificial light everywhere. Staying late at night, working, studying, or even just scrolling through Facebook leads us to insomnia and fatigue. You don't need to turn off the lights after sunset but not staying up late at night and maintaining distance with artificial light before an hour of sleep can help to fix your sleep cycle. If you go camping you'll naturally notice how staying in nature is so much beneficial to the sleep cycle.