Here is why you should make Belgium your next travel destination

While several European countries make it on people’s travel list,

Belgium is one country that should definitely be visited at least once!

Situated between Germany and France, this country is a backpacker’s haven

Here we will tell you why it should be your next holiday spot!

A small country, Belgium can often be overlooked while planning a Europe trip. But it is in fact one place that you should keep in tour travel bucket list because of its picturesque surrounding and all the history and culture surrounding it. While often dubbed as boring, Belgium has much to explore. From food to castles, the country has it all. So, if you really are planning to visit Belgium anytime soon here we will tell you why it is a great reason to do so!

The forests and landscape all around is stunning

One of the main reasons to visit this country should be to admire its beautiful landscape. The Belgian Ardennes is actually one of the main attractions here. Sheltered by forests, these mountains are home to several species of animals and are a hiker’s paradise. You can also checkout the beautiful dunes near De Panne’s commune and be awestruck at the gorgeous Belgian landscape.

The towns have brilliant architecture

While Belgium is known for its natural beauty and historical buildings, it is also famous for the picturesque towns. The architecture in all of Belgium is absolutely stunning with Gothic elements to it. The city of Bruges is probably most visited by tourists because of the medieval architecture there. You can also visit the cities Ghent and Antwerp for more such brilliant and picturesque cityscapes.

Massive historic and cultural value

Belgium without a doubt has a huge historical and cultural significance in the world. Due to its location between Germany, France and Britain, the country has seen several battles and battlefields. History buffs can see these sites by visiting Waterloo and Ypres and also some other museums like the Battle of Waterloo Museum, and the Bastogne War Museum.

The chocolate and food

When in Belgium if you do not taste their chocolate, then it will be a huge miss for you. Chocolate stores are at every nook and corner of every city in Belgium and you need to try them all. Don’t forget about the world famous Belgian waffles while you’re there! Of course, try out the local cuisine too while in Belgium.

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