Here is your list of Bollywood suspense thrillers that you must watch

More than the drama that is Bollywood has, there are a plethora of nail-biting narrations

While the Indian film industry is known for its romantic, dreamy, peppy, and dramatic narrations, the Hindi film industry also has intriguing credit genres. Apart from the fight sequences and dance numbers, Bollywood has an array of suspense thrillers that come with an exceptional storyline and characters. These thriller narrations are way ahead of their times, bringing the right amount of tension and nail-biting sequences. So here is your list of Bollywood suspense thrillers that will leave you amazed.


This one-woman movie follows a pregnant woman Vidya Bagchi, played by Vidya Balan. She flies down from London to Kolkata in India during Durga Puja in search of her husband – well, that is what the audience is made to believe. As Vidya Bagchi begins her hunt for her husband, the story follows her through mysterious clues, characters, places, and connecting dots. Through these twists and eventful turns of events, the audience remains glued to their seat for every second there is a shock making the watchers gasp for a breath. Not just Vidya Balan’s character but the other portrayals too add the correct value to the story.

Manorama Six Feet Under

The story revolves around an amateur detective who finds himself in the middle of a complicated murder mystery. Directed and co-written by Navdeep Singh, the film’s story revolves around an amateur detective from a small town in Rajasthan. As the story proceeds with intriguing twists and turns, the character of Abhay Deol finds himself tangled in a web of lies and murder.  Based on the classic American neo-noir film Chinatown that Roman Polanski directed, this Bollywood version is built on the same premises but with its interpretation of characters. But in all its entirety, the film is a must-watch for Abhay Deol’s brilliant performance.


This Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Rani Mukherji starrer is nothing less than great suspense. Aamir Khan, a police officer, roaming around with a baggage of the past, is embroiled in solving the death of an actor while dealing with his son’s death. As one clue leads to another, simultaneously, he is walking on the path to come to terms with the death of his son, layers of mystery revolving around the death of the actor come alive. What he finds next is quite unexpected.

Other suspense thriller Bollywood movies are 13 B,Special 26, A Wednesday, Drishyam, Badla, Ittefaq, Baby, and Ek Hasina Thi.

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