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The capital city of Morocco, Rabat is the seventh largest city in the country located on the Atlantic Ocean. This ancient city was founded in the 12th century and has since then maintained its history attracting tourists all year long. With a long and rich history, Rabat is a beautiful city to pay a visit to while traveling across the Atlantic Coast. A small-sized city, it is less famous making it less crowded and more space to explore the city in leisure. Here are some must-visit places in Rabat.

The Hassan Tower

It was built by the Almohads and was the work of ruler Yacoub al-Mansour who envisioned a majestic mosque. But upon his death in 1150, the construction work was abandoned. What there still remains is a 45-meter-high tower of his original ambitious plan. The tower has intricately carved motifs and it has designs that cover the tower’s façade which was the brain of Mansour. It is the beautiful and intricate designs on the tower, as well as the tomb of King Mohammad V and his two sons. The best part, the tomb is open to even non-Muslims. On the entrance are the gold-leaf ceiling and captivating carvings that lie inside the plain white building.


The medina area of Rabat has a distinct Andalusian style of buildings. Most of the architecture in this area dates back to the 17th century when Muslims from Spain’s Andalusia region had arrived. The history can be best enjoyed best by strolling through the area. One can see the Grand Mosque on Rue Souka that was built by the Merenids in the 14th century, the Merenid-built fountain, the Mellah – a Jewish Quarter- in the southeast corner, as well as the famous shopping streets of SouqesSebbat and Rue Souka.

The Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts

For art enthusiasts, this museum is the best for learning about Morocco’s modern art movement. The museum has a permanent collection that is on display in the renovated building which dates back to the French colonial days. This small building holds artworks from the mid-20th century to the present-day top artists.

A few other places to visit are the Oudaias Kasbah, Mausoleum of Mohamed V, Chellah Necropolis, National Zoo, Ville Nouvelle, Rabat Archaeology Museum, Salé Medina, Abou Hassan Medersa, Andalusian Gardens, and Villa des Arts to name a few.

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