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Here’s a 5-step simple routine to hit the reset button on your skin

It is needless to say that a healthy skin is what everyone desires

After a good party season in the latter months of the year to then getting flaky skin during the winters, it’s finally time to get over those layers and layers of makeup to finally reveal a healthy skin underneath this summer season.

And why not? Everyone’s skin needs a little more TLC after battling clogged pores and random breakouts. So we bring you some simple tips that you can adapt to hit the reset button on your skin:

Use a cleansing oil

Certainly, to get plump skin, you need to remove a full face of makeup before you end your day and that can only be done with a good old cleansing oil. Its main use is to get rid of even the most stubborn mascaras and the last grime that is on your face. So make sure you start with this step.

Double cleanse with Micellar water

Make sure to double cleanse your face with micellar water in order to be sure that there is no residue left at all. Take a gentle micellar water, which would not dry or irritate the skin. Its ability to gently remove makeup with its formulation without alcohol and perfume is perfect for a good skin.

Use a nourishing face wash

After those two steps, your face still requires one last cleanse and we all know that you cannot skip a good face wash. However, by this time, you need to use a face wash that also gives you a shot of nourishment. It will make your skin look brighter and rejuvenated than usual.

Next put a detoxifying face mask

If you really wish to reset your skin, there is nothing better than a classic detoxifying face mask, no? Created to draw out impurities by deeply cleansing the pores, a detoxifying face mask is a must to pull that dullness away from your skin and making sure there is no inch of grime remaining on your face.

Applying Hyaluronic acid

Post following all the aforementioned steps, there is one last bit that we all must do to treat that tad bit parched skin. Well, it’s none other than applying Hyaluronic acid, which will immediately give your skin a smoother appearance by replenishing the moisture content. It’s not less than having a chilled glass of water after an intense workout.

Wrap it up with a sleeping mask so that your skin rebuilds and repairs itself. Last but not the least, apply a lip balm and give your lips all the affection they deserve. Finally, you are good to go!

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