Published By: Sreyanshi

Here's a Technology to Unlock the Cleanest Energy this World Could Offer!

Climate change may be stopped via Orbital Marine Technology.

Due to the massive weight of our massive carbon emissions and other ecological crimes, the earth is deteriorating. If we continue in this direction, Earth will cease to be our abundant paradise of Eden and will begin to resemble something far more like hell. Humanity must drastically alter its behavior and decarbonize in order to prevent this Hadian picture of the future from materializing. Although we've come a long way recently, one of the cleanest sources of energy has been overlooked. As you can see, coal energy has a lifetime carbon emission of 820 g/kWh, whereas solar energy emits just 48 g/kWh, wind energy emits just 12 g/kWh, and nuclear energy emits none at all.

Interestingly, tidal power outperforms them all with just 1.8 g/kWh! We seldom ever use tidal power, despite these astounding eco-credentials. Thankfully, Orbital Marine's ground-breaking O2 tidal turbine promises to change that.

Let's review tidal energy's definition, benefits, and limitations before examining Orbital Marine's O2 turbine.

Twice daily, the tides in the ocean rise and fall. This results in a torrent in some areas and a gentle flow of ocean water in others. All tidal power does is submerge a turbine where the tide is particularly strong and use it to generate electricity in a similar way to a wind turbine.

However, how is it possible for tidal power to have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than wind power if that is the case? Well, it all has to do with how heavy and viscous water is.

Turbine blades operate far more effectively in water than in air. This is so that bigger pressure differentials may be developed over water's surface without producing a lot of energy-draining turbulence, which increases force over the blades. As a result, a tidal power turbine is incredibly 80% efficient, compared to a wind turbine's maximum efficiency of 40%. Due to this, tidal power is able to extract much more energy from the tides than wind turbines can.

But compared to air, water weighs almost a thousand times more. According to the kinetic energy equation, K.E. = 1/2 m v2, water may transport 1,000 times more kinetic energy than air at the same flow rate! This indicates that given the same flow measured in volume per minute, a normal two-mph tide will have the same kinetic energy as 2,000-mph winds.

Due to a combination of these characteristics, a single tidal turbine may generate far more electricity than a single wind turbine.