Here`s all you need to know about astral projection

Can you imagine traveling the universe without your physical body? It can be unbelievable but it’s possible during astral projection!

Astral projection is a kind of an intentional out of body experience. It is a stage where the soul separates from the physical body and is capable of travelling throughout the universe. There have been several researches about this and some studies are still on going to understand and examine what astral projection really is. Even though some people cast off astral projection as a myth, but we can’t fully give up on the idea. And moreover, there are some scientific evidence that proves astral projection is possible with peak meditation and yoga. Here you will read some important things that you should know about astral projection.

What is astral projection – The term astral projection explains an experience of seeing yourself outside your physical body. Many of us may have experienced this in different ways. Dreams where we feel the sensation of falling down or flying is called lucid dreams. Studies say that in the same way we can go out of our body as a soul but in a conscious state. Most interesting fact is that we can perceive ourselves outside the body and visualize the reality when we intentionally go for an astral projection.

Evidence of astral projection – There are quite a few experiments done and reports found describing that people could travel to a superfluous physical dimension which is in reality far from the actual physical place where the body of the projected person is sleeping. Astral projection is not an advanced innovation. In fact, history says that it was practiced during ancient times as well. However there is very less actual data to support this history as many reports could not duplicated or preserved.

Most important facts to know about astral projection –

In astral projectionone can come across unknown realities, places and dimensions so the person who is going for the projection shouldn’t have the fear to face it.

Attain a positive vibration around yourself before the projection.

Use meditative music which doesn’t have high BPM and beats involved.

Have a comfortable space and a position which is generally a peaceful environment for you.

Never be stuck with any kind of realities that makes you not want to get back your physical body.

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