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Here’s all you need to know about your cat’s psychology

Let’s get into some cat behaviours and explanation.

Felines are such glamorous creatures; yep you know you can’t disagree. But ever wondered what hides behind those mysterious introvert attitudes? Yes, it is a pretty hard task to understand their mood and manner. But it could be terrific if you knew those secretive minds, isn’t it? Then why not read this?


A cat rubbing himself on you must feel good. But it necessarily does not mean that the cat is showing affection. Yep, sometimes they just mark their territory doing this. And if your cat rubs his head and wet nose against it means he’s just showing affection!

Rolling here and there

Is your cat is just rolling here and there and showing his belly? Then it’s the perfect time for some mild head pat. Yes, felines are most likely introverted but sometimes they seek attention too. Or they are just feeling energetic. Or you can just bring the woollen ball when they roll.

Squeezing and scratching object

Is your kitten squeezing and scratching everything? Well, if that’s the case then keep your plants in a careful place. Because they sharpen their nails and relieve their stress before exploding with a lot of energy. Your feline is about to ‘play’ with all his energy if he’s squeezing objects. Or he’s just relieving stress, but still, it’s better to store your plants in a safer place. They love destroying plants.

Looking with expanded pupils

Cats don’t generally look with widely expanded pupils, but when they do it means something like what you previously read. Yes, they are excited and something is about to collapse. A showpiece maybe?

Meowing out loud

Kittens mostly do this by looking at their owner when they are hungry. As much as the hunger grows the ‘meow’ keeps getting louder and the stare gets wider too. But be careful, do not overfeed your feline. Nah, nothing that serious. Your cat will just get fat, and probably gonna get stuck hither and thither.

Pooping outside the litter box

Did your cat poop outside of the litter box? even after knowing that that litter box is the place to poop? Cats that had passed potty training poop somewhere else to show that they are angry with their owner. If your young kitten is doing this then he needs good potty training but in general, your adult cat does this because you did something ‘wrong’. Have you petted some other cats?

These were a few behaviors explained. Your feline has a lot more in his mind. Maybe now you know some of his thoughts. Good luck!

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