Here’s how much visible climate change is

In our busy lifestyle every day, we may not notice the small changes in weather and atmosphere around us but a large number of scientists are warning us every single moment about how dangerous climate change is.

There are countless changes, about which we can know with a little research. But numerous changes are happening in front the view of mankind.

Rise of sea level:-

This one is the most noticeable to those who have been living near the beaches and shores. But also to those who understood the basics of climate change. Various study projects have shown that the level will rise 30 centimeters from now causing the death of arctic animals and other thousand kinds of marine animals. The rise of sea level does not just take marine lives but also results in storms that hit the land and end up bringing a downturn in the economy.

Frequent forest fires:-

Natural disasters like forest fires have always existed throughout history. But due to global warming, it has become a lot more common. But it can’t be normalized because a disaster like a forest fire always ends up killing thousands of wild creatures and trees, leaving dark gas clouds in the air. Forest fires are usually caused by high-temperature atmospheres and low humidity which is a result of rising temperatures. Sometimes it is also directly the fault of people, like leaving naked flame here or there in the woods. In 2019 Amazon wildfire burned down 906,000 hectares of area.

Deadly droughts and storms:-

Like all other crises, droughts have always occurred but in the past few years droughts have taken a lethal change. In some particular places droughts are never-ending, rather say climate change has taken most natural disasters to an extreme level. A warmer temperature vaporizes more water from the land surface leaving the fields dry and dead. A drought results in scarcity of crops which leads a bunch of people to face poverty and other various diseases, malnourishment, and even death. Surveys have shown that in the Ethiopian famine caused by drought,  more than one million people died.

Keeping these three catastrophes aside, climate change and global warming can cause the worst misery possible. Like world poverty in every country and the majority class of people. Climate change affects a lot more than what the visible catastrophes show. Like the butterfly effect says, everything affects everything. A small plastic bag you threw in the water, can take an endangered life. There’s still time left to take action.

Good luck!

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