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Here’s how to humidity proof your hair

With summer months come raging humidity that can make hair go frizzy and poof goes your hair. Ye, the struggle is real.

Humidity might not be an issue for some people. But those with fry or damaged hair feel the real hassle of humidity. Stepping out of the shower and letting your hair dry naturally only to have stressed flyaways, unruly frizzy hair? We feel you.

How does humidity affect hair?

Let’s break it down to simple terms. Humid air has high concentration of water molecules. Water molecules contain hydrogen atoms. When hair comes in contact with water molecules in humid air, the hydrogen atoms increase which affects the hair. To put it even simpler terms, in humidity hair texture changes due to this. Straight hair can become wavy.

All kinds of hair can become frizzy. Using harsh products, dry and damaged hair due to over styling can give rise to frizzy hair. Also, porosity of hair can lead to more frizz as they absorb more water molecules.

Here’s some good news. With the right care and choosing the right products, you can handle your frizz without much hassle. Here’s how.

Eliminate frizz with the right shampoo and conditioner

Frizzy hair need more care and products that lock in moisture and hydration. Choose an anti-frizz shampoo, a leave- in conditioner and oil to really calm the frizz and have smoother hair.

Naturally dry your hair

Instead of blow drying your hair, use a microfibre towel (or an old cotton t shirt) to manually dry your hair. Dab excess water from the hair and let your hair dry naturally.

Keep the strands moisturized with a leave in conditioner

After shampoo and conditioner suited for frizzy hair, it is recommended to use a leave-in conditioner to really lock the moisture in. Choose something that’s lightweight and non-greasy but adds hydration to hair.

Embrace your natural texture when styling

If its humid outside, choose a hairstyle that suits your hair texture. It is smart to wear your hair up or tie into a braid. That way less of your hair will be prone to curl or get frizzy in humidity.

Squeeze, don’t rub while drying your hair

Don’t rough up your hair while towel drying. Instead of rubbing your hair strands together to dry it, squeeze out water and dab for the rest.

Invest in keratin treatment

Keratin smooths cells and make the hair frizz free. It also reduces split ends by bonding back hair together. Apart from a healthy, glossy frizz free hair, keratin also strengthens hair and omproves hair growth.


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