Here’s What You Need To Know About The Noom Diet

This diet could help you healthily lose weight.

The Noom diet is the latest health trend many people are choosing to try to lose weight. Most diet fads tend to not yield good results as they sometimes offer short cuts to reach your goal. However, the Noom diet is a customized diet plan that can help you track your daily habits and make food choices easy to plan.

Numerous studies have found this particular diet may have a positive impact on your body. It offers a diet plan that works specifically for you by focusing on nutrition and a range of foods based on a colour code. Your calories requirements on the Noom diet depend on your height, weight, age and level of activity. While there is no limit on the amount of food you consume, it does focus on eating foods that are low in calories in order to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

According to the diet plan, foods with a green colour code have the least amount of calories. Meanwhile, foods with a red colour code are moderate in calories, and the ones in a yellow colour code are higher in calories. On this diet, your meals should consist of vegetables, fruit, whole foods, pulses, legumes and low-fat dairy. Here are some of the foods one can consume on a Noom diet.

  1. Green foods: Low in calories, high in fibre and should occupy the most space on your plate.

– Fruits: banana, apple, strawberry, melons, peaches, blueberry, orange, and pineapple

– Vegetables: green salad, cucumber, tomato, carrot, cherry tomato, onion, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and peas

– Starchy foods: beet, sweet potato, squashes, corn, and potato

– Whole grains: oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, and whole grain cereals

– Beverages: unsweetened tea or coffee

  1. Yellow foods: Higher in calories compared to green foods and should be consumed in moderation.

– Dairy and dairy products: low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, and Greek yoghurt

– Legumes: baked beans and black beans

– Grains: white rice, white bread, couscous, and quinoa

  1. Red Foods: High in calories and should be consumed in small amounts.

– Nuts and seeds: chia seeds, nuts, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds

– Nut butter: peanut butter

– Desserts: chocolate cake, cookies, pastries, and snack bars

– Snacks: potato chips

– Fat and dressing: butter, mayonnaise and ranch dressing

– Sugar: honey and white sugar

On this diet, one should eat 30% of green foods, 45% of the yellow foods and 25% of the red foods.

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