Here’s why coconut water is every Bollywood celeb’s go-to drink

Have you seen Bollywood celebs sipping on coconut water often? Scroll down to know why

If you’re on social media, you must have seen the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Bipasha Basu, and others sipping coconut water. Not just that, these celebs have often talked about the benefits of this tropical fruit and how it does wonders for their skin and overall appearance. However, there are more benefits of coconut water than one. Let’s take a look at how this refreshing, healthy drink manages to top the list of every celeb’s go-to drink:

What is coconut water?

Often dubbed as Mother Natures’ sports drink, it is low in calories, cholesterol and fat free, consists of more potassium as compared to four bananas. It has a sweet, nutty taste, and the water is the clear liquid that is taken from tender green coconuts.


Since it has bio-active enzymes that help in easy digestion and boosts fat metabolism, having coconut water 3-4 times in a day can aid you in losing those extra kilos. Secondly, it is used for restoring electrolyte balance, and hence, it can be taken before and after any sports activities. It also has a very high content of fibre, and thus, it cuts down the occurrence of acid reflux. If you feel bloated or face acidity, just drink a glass of coconut water, and you will get rid of that burning sensation.

Additionally, coconut water’s hydrating properties help you get your body full of required fluids. The refreshing drink has an electrolyte composition that prevents the body from being dehydrated. Apart from this, the presence of Vitamin C and magnesium in coconut water is proven to reduce blood pressure levels and also help in controlling hypertension.

Best time to drink it?

Drinking coconut water in the morning on an empty stomach has more than one benefit. It kickstarts your metabolism if you have it the first thing in your day, leads to weight loss, and also boosts immunity. So get up every morning and gulp that glass of super-fresh coconut water.  As it also fights fatigue and exhaustion, you will see instant results.