Here’s why switching to full-fat dairy is actually better for you!

Despite the common notions, full-fat can actually give you several benefits…

For years we have been told that having low-fat milk or yoghurt or any dairy product is good for our health. But studies in the recent years have proven the fact that actually it is the opposite of that. Researchers have proven that eating full-fat dairy products can actually be beneficial for your health. However, if you are still in two minds we can give you a few reasons below why switching to full-fat dairy products will be beneficial a lot to you and your health…

May actually help you lose weight – Despite what popular belief is, full-fat dairy helps in managing weight issues. Several studies have found that consuming full-fat dairy does is not linked gaining more weight or cardio-vascular diseases. In fact, apparently the dairy fat content reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Has lesser sugar content – Some studies have shown that lower fat yogurts are higher in sugar in order to enhance the low-fat taste of the product. This in turn makes the person want to add more sugar to make them taste better. While on the other hand full-fat dairy has its own sugar content that is by itself healthy for your body.

It can help curb your appetite – Another great benefit of having full-fat dairy is that it can keep you feeling full for a longer time than low-fat dairy can. This is so because full-fat generally has more proteins than the skimmed or the low-fat ones. Try having full-fat yoghurt whenever you are hungry and you may feel fuller for more than 5-6 hours after that!

It is easier to digest – Did you know that full-fat dairy has lesser amount of lactose than the low-fat one? So people who actually suffer from lactose intolerance might actually be able to digest full-fat dairy much better than the skimmed ones. However, you do need to know whether your body can tolerate any dairy at all or not.

It helps in maintain the required fat content in your body – Yes, all our bodies actually need fat to function! Your muscles, including your heart, need fat for energy. In fact, full-fat dairy also contains some essential fatty acids that can help strengthen the immune system.

So are you ready to switch to full-fat dairy and forget all your previous beliefs?

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