Hidden Places To Explore In Paris

Check out these hidden gems in Paris.

France’s Paris is probably on most people’s travel bucket list. There is so much to see, from the Eiffel Tour to the Louvre. However, other than the popular tourist attractions, there are many hidden gems in the City of Light that are waiting to be explored. These hidden places could make your visit more exciting and rich. Here are some of the hidden gems in Paris to check out.

Musée Gustave Moreau

The Musée Gustave Moreau is a beautiful museum that not many may be aware of. The main attraction of this spot is the wonderful artwork by Gustave Moreau. It also houses one of the most photogenic spiral staircases in Paris. It was also the former home of the painter. While it may not be one of the popular museums in Paris, there is plenty to explore in it, especially for art lovers.

Check out the grandeur of La Petite Ceinture

La Petite Ceinture, also known as Little Belt, was a circular railway built as a means of transporting merchandise and passengers between Paris’ major rail-company stations. The idea for it was reportedly conceived by Napoleon III and Baron Haussmann. The first section of this intramural rail track circling Paris was commissioned in December 1851. At its height, the Petite Ceinture was able to carry up to 90,000 passengers daily along with tons of goods around Paris. During your visit, you can also enjoy the sites of what is quintessentially Paris – open spaces, grand boulevards, trees, and butter-hued buildings.

Explore the artwork in Rue Denoyez

There is no doubt Paris has street art all over the place, from big murals to small mosaics. You can spot them on various street corners. But to explore colourful street art, check out Rue Denoyez. It is nearby the metro stop in Belleville. This street is packed with art. Enjoy the beauty around you from one of the street’s many cafes.

Experience the charm of the Village of Mouzaia

The Village of Mouzaia is located off the main drag of Rue de Mouzaïa, which is close to the beautiful Buttes Chaumont Park. It is almost a village within the city that features cobbled lanes, tiny houses, and small gardens. This picturesque place is a sight to see and virtually unknown. Take your time strolling the sites. You may just get inspiration to redo your home and garden to add a French touch.

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