Hidden talents of 7 royals that would surprise you!

So, what is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of the world ‘royals’- the ballrooms, state dinners and lunches and socializing with who’s who of the world, isn’t it? If we told you that royals are much like regular people with varied interests and hobbies and are immensely talented in their respective field would you believe? Away from the public eye, royals have some remarkable talents that would surely surprise you!

  1. The longest-reigning monarch in the world, Queen Elizabeth is a trained mechanic. Yes, you heard it right. She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service where she trained as a mechanic and also was a military truck driver in the Second World War. She also is a keen photographer and is often spotted with a camera even on the official tours.
  2. Another prominent name, Princess Anne, only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, is an accomplished horse rider and is well known for her equestrianism. She has won 2 silver medals at European championship and also is the only royal in Britain to have competed in the Olympics.
  3. Perhaps most people don’t know that Prince Charles is the UK’s most successful watercolour painter. Although he describes himself as ‘enthusiastic amateur’ but his paintings are loved by many in the UK and abroad.
  4. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is a talented painter. Interestingly her illustrations were used for Danish edition of “The Lord of The Rings”. It is said that J.R.R Tolkien was struck by the similarity of her drawings to his own style.
  5. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum of Dubai, apart from fulfilling the royal duties of a crown prince, Sheikh Hamdan is not only a licensed and a renowned equestrian, a skydiver and a scuba diver but is also a well-known poet. He publishes his poems under the pen name, Fazza.
  6. Prince Carl Philip,son of King Carl XVIGustaf of Sweden, is an accomplished skier and a car racer. He has taken part in many racing series including 2013 Scandinavian touring car championship. Talk about being a royal and accomplished sportsman!
  7. Talking of Olympics, Princess Charlene of Monaco is another royal who though now is retired but was an accomplished swimmer who represented South Africa in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where her team finished fifth.

So, there we have it. The modern royals are more than the usual luxury and glamour that we associate with royalty. From fixing cars to writing poetry, from being sportsmen to the great painter, royals sure have great talents and know how to surprise us!

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