Highest-Paid Football Agents in the World

From Ibrahimovic to Haaland, some of the top names in the world of football are managed by these super agents

In a football player’s life, an agent plays a very crucial role. It is the agent that finds new clubs, sponsors, brand endorsements and other businesses for the player. In short, the agent of a football player decides the future of that player to a great degree. By serving and supporting the players and their careers, the agents also secure immense status and financial strength.

In this article, we have listed some of the highest-paid agents in the footballing universe.

What is the importance of this article?

The agents we have named are known for handling legendary names. Therefore, they earn millions of dollars and live extravagant life similar to their clients (football players). Not to forget, their finance management and negotiation skills also control the tempo of the transfer window. In short, they not only decide the future of their clients, but also the future of a club.

Volker Struth, Germany’s top brass

Volker Struth is one of the most expensive names in football. The Executive Director of Sports360 GmbH has over 80 players under his belt which also comprises big names such as Toni Kroos, Timo Werner, Mario Gotze, and Upamecano. As per sources, the total contracts managed by him are worth 418.1 million dollars, out of which a significant portion goes to him.

Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent

Jorge Mendes is a legendary sports agent because he handles the business of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the game’s history. Apart from Ronaldo, he manages over 140 players, including De Gea, Ederson and several other big names. While the major players are handled by him, the rest are handled by his organisation named GestiFute International, founded in 1996.

Mino Raiola, the epic Pogba move

The Dutch-Italian Raiola is another household name in the world of football because of his massive portfolio of football players. According to some sources, at present, Raiola is managing contracts worth 847.7 million dollars. His active clients are Lukaku, Verratti, Insigne, Haaland, Ibrahimovic and 77 other players. Not to forget, in 2016, it was Raiola who cracked the 140 million dollars contract for Paul Pogba from Manchester United.

Last but not the least, as of 2022, Jonathan Barnett is the highest-paid manager in the world with contracts worth 1.4 billion dollars.

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