Historical drama series to watch

If you are fan of all things history and get a thrill out of watching historical drama, then this list I made just for you!

Watching historical dramas can be a thrilling and intriguing experience for people who love the genre.   We often find ourselves curious about the past, mainly because of the difference in culture, costumes, and the extravagant lifestyle. To remake these today needs lots of work had to in order to analyze characters, building structures and other things needed to give it a real touch from the history. Over the years, there have been some series’ which have been able to show the history perfectly and have earned praise. There are some selected series that are top ranked and should make your watch list…

Peaky Blinders – This is a crime drama television series based on a true story. Written and created by Steven Knight, the series is set in Birmingham, England. Peaky Blinders shows the story of spectacular growth of a family led by the character called Thomas Shelby played by the actor Cillian Murphy. The series has some powerful male and female characters and not to mention the storyline is extremely intriguing. Having 8.8/10 rating in IMDB, till now peaky blinders has 5 seasons and many fans are awaiting the upcoming season.

Vikings – Vikings is ahistorical fantasy drama television series which is written and created by Michael Hirst. As known by many, Vikings is a true story inspired by the sagas of Ragnar Lothbroke, a farmer and a Viking warrior who had explored and raided the expanding shores across the world. The series has a bit of fantasy as well as lots of history!

The Last Kingdom- The last kingdom is a British historical drama series composed by John Lunn. The series is based on Saxon stories and re-tells the history of King Alfred the Great. The series talks about King Alfred and how he desired to form England by uniting several separate kingdoms. There are 4 seasons and 36 episodes in total to watch and it is absolutely worthwhile!

Marco Polo – Marco polo is an American adventure historical drama series created by John Fusco. The series is inspired by Marco Polo’s early years in the court of Kublai Khan. While several sequences in the story is fictional, it however also shows some real instances inspired by true stories. The series contains two seasons and 20 episodes and also 1 special episode.

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