Historical earliest reactions to air conditioning.

Here is the compilation of some interesting reactions to the air conditioner.

In the year 1902, when William Haviland Carrier made final plans of what we now know as the modern air conditioner. The first installation of an air conditioning unit was at a printing press in Brooklyn in the year 1903. He got his design patented in the year 1906, and the rest they say is history. He at first named his groundbreaking invention as “Apparatus for treating air”. Most of the earliest reactions to air conditioning was very positive and enthusiastic. As its popularity grew, Carrier predicted that air conditioners are the future and would be used by everyone. Here are some of the earliest reactions to air conditioners.

The world of wonder.

Although the first air conditioning system was installed in New York Stock Exchange in the year 1903, the general public got their taste of air conditioning at the St. Louis World’s Fair in the Missouri Building in the year 1904. It was installed in the basement and could reduce the temperature from 90 degrees to 70 degrees. Most of the visitors who were not aware of this revolutionary appliance was awe-struck and felt a perceptible change in the temperature.

Cool as a mountain top.

Theatres all across America were amongst the first to install air conditioning systems in the cinema halls. In 1922, Carrier installed an air conditioning system in Metropolitan Theatre, and the theatre took an opportunity to advertise it by calling their theatre cool as a mountain top. Then in the year 1924, it was installed in Palace Theatre in Dallas. There it was met with an astounding response. People exclaimed with delight as soon as they entered the theatre.

The pure air of mountains.

On a visit to Florida theatre, St. Peterburg Times reviewed the “mechanical weather” maker. They were so blown over by the appliance that they said that a single visit makes you feel like you are sitting on a mountain top and breathing the pure air of mountains. They also said that now theatres have become a haven of pleasure and comfort, a place that should rather be sought out instead of avoided.

Sweltering August heat means a little.  

Many newspapers and publications were full of praises for the air conditioning unit. Popular Science, in their 1932 edition, exclaimed that with this appliance at home, even the sweltering August sun would mean nothing. Everyday with an air conditioner is a fine day!

So, which one of these reactions did you enjoy the most?

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