History of legendary Studebaker and why it should be remembered

The automobile manufacturers, who were so much more than just a fancy name.

Many of our young readers might not even know who Studebaker was? Well, they are not wrong in doing so as it has been erased from consumers’ minds when it went out of business in the year 1967. But despite that, the legendary automobile manufacturer has a glorious and rich history. Yes, they stumbled and erred on their way but gave us some revolutionary and incredible machines that were way ahead of their time.

The origin and history of Studebaker

The origin of Studebaker goes back as far as 1750. A man named Clement Studebaker put his very first wagon on the roads in the year 1750 in America. Then in 1852, his grandsons, Clement and Henry laid the foundation of the H&C Studebaker shop in the year 1852 in South Bend, Indiana. All the while, when Clement and Henry were making their mark in Indiana, their younger brother John M. moved to California. He made a great fortune in Placerville making tools for gold mining. When the gold rush met an end in the year 1858, John went to Indiana and made use of his capital to make his brother’s business propel.

Early days of Studebakers and the Post-war troubles

In the year 1902, Studebaker started manufacturing electric vehicles, and the first gasoline-enabled vehicle was introduced just two years later. In 1911, the company ran into some troubles with the reliability of its EMF vehicles. They went on to lose about one million in repairs. But with World War I requirements they were able to make innovative vehicles that were ahead of their time. By World War II, they did gain prominence but it all halted with their merger with Packard. So, finally, in the 1960s, it bid adieu to cars, diversified, and merged eventually with Wagner Electric.

Why we must not forget Studebaker and why it mattered

Now, the question arises why did they even matter. To answersimply, they were known and remembered for their remarkable innovations. During the World Wars, most automobile manufacturers were selling the same old cars from before the wars but Studebaker was the only one who innovated and offered the world a new model. These cars were for the young dynamic world and experts famously remarked that if there is a place where workmanship still exists, it is in the manufacturing plant of Studebaker.

Studebaker does deserve a fond space in our memory.

Priyadarshini Kaul

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