Hobby hunt: Zero in on what clicks for you

If you have a natural inclination towards it, fine, but does everybody really have to play the guitar or like music as a hobby? It’s time to go left field.

Why does a person have a hobby? It is to take his mind off his usual routine and relax for a bit. It is something which a person could go on doing for a long time if he or she has time on their hands.

For instance, some people like to read books, and the first thing that pops up in their mind when they have a long weekend off is finishing such and such book by such and such author. Others like to watch movies. Someone likes to play sports; someone else has an avid interest in collecting stamps etcetera etcetera.

Last I checked, there is no law to render your hobby null and void if it does not include either playing the guitar or loving music. Just think of the state of an interviewer who has to undergo these answers at least 100 times per day.

You ask someone their hobby and every second person lists it as either playing the guitar or liking music. Yes, if you have a natural inclination towards it, it’s great, if not, try to go for hobbies which you genuinely like doing and not necessarily those which appear to be classy.

Do you know, there is a hobby known as survivalism. It is a fast-growing hobby in which people actively prepare for emergencies like possible disruptions in the social or political order.

What’s stopping you from considering that as your hobby? It is highly imaginative and will need your undivided attention. Think of how you would survive if you were left stranded on a desolate island or how you will keep your belly full in a forest? What tools do you require for that? Is there a kit which you can design for that?

What about collecting postage stamps or coins? Genealogy is another out-of-the-box hobby. The point of the matter is that don’t narrow your horizon with just a couple of options. Look around, the world is vast, and your options are plenty.

See what works for you and what you enjoy doing. You don’t necessarily need to be conventional with it. Not everybody is obliged to like playing the guitar or investing the time and energy it requires. Find your calling, and then the calling will find you.

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