Holidaying in the Cayman Islands

Harbouring the most exquisitely beautiful beaches in the world, the island is a paradise with its white sand and crystal water hues

Besides the beaches, Cayman Islands shelters a range of adventurous activities amidst nature. The Cayman experience includes swirling and kayaking in the blue light of the night, basking in the perfect temperature, driving around to explore the vast stretches of untainted nature whose beauty is accentuated manifold by local culture and meditating in the perfectly enthralling landscapes.

If you are planning your next trip here, here is a list of absolute favourite places to explore.

The Dreamy Seven Mile Beach

The beach is perfectly tranquil and sublime offering quite a therapeutic retreat for travellers. The soft sand beneath feat and turquoise sea unfurling before is as majestic as Cayman could get on a clear, sunny day. Entire stretch of this beach is accessible to you, regardless of where you are staying. Since the region is dotted with vendors, buying snacks and refreshments after hours’ of strolling is never a problem.

Stingray City for Snorkelling and Diving 

Stingray city’s Turtle Centre is a major tourist hub where green turtles throng the water. Located about 25 miles off Grand Cayman, Stingray City is synonymous with therapeutic wading among the blissful congregation of friendly stingrays. Travellers are acquainted with professional groups for snorkelling, jet skiing, boating and diving under the speckless night sky. To interact with the stingrays, usually boats—motor, glass-bottomed or catamaran, are hired where guides are responsible for teaching the art of playing and clicking with the jolly bunch of stingrays.

The Pristine George Town

Cayman’s chic capital and offshore banking hub, George Town houses a plethora of shops and galleries if you need a break from nature and urge to mingle with the crows. The ginger-bread buildings lining the harbour front make for a pretty picture while the museums and gardens offer brief recluses from the commercial capital. Town centres and arrays of shops selling trinkets and relics make the visit a memorable one.

Dive for the Atlantis Submarines

Perhaps a dream encounter with the underwater world, Atlantis expedition is closer to a Steven Spielberg film. On this tour, peer into the wrecked submarine’s deepest hollows and niches as its windows open into a kaleidoscopic view of the sprawling blue vistas. The underwater tour is popular for the canyons, shallow reefs and shipwrecks lodged in the unknown recesses.

The island has trails, forests and reserves for those who are seeking an excursion to the lush green.

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